Impact Communication as done by

 “I” as in Investigate:

Be detective. Take time to uncover and review all of the facts, before developing your strategy. Use these facts to develop not only your plan but also your objectives. By creating objectives from the outset, you’ll ensure that you have clear and meaningful goals by which to develop and measure your communication.

“M” as in Medium:

Be a designer. Determine which medium ( or media) is best in order to deliver the most effective communication campaign. Whether print, live or digital, it’s critical to connect these which best fit your company’s objectives, culture, demographics and timelines to get the right mix for your company.

“P” as in Planning:

Be a project manager. Create a comprehensive, coordinated and collaborative approach to planning and running your communication campaign. Being clear about what needs to be done by whom and by when, you’ll ensure that all the timelines and objectives are met.

“A” as in Allies:

Be a campaigner. Bring together and work with the right colleagues so that your campaign is run smoothly. Understand who are the “right” allies to best deliver on your objectives, and work with them in an effective and focused manner.

“C” as in Content:

Be a writer. Create messages which “stick and hooks”, meaning they will encourage your audience to take time to read, think and behave differently. Create content that’s valuable, relevant and consistent, and segmented if needed.

“T” as in Testing:

Be a tester. Collect data which can demonstrate the effectiveness of your communications campaign, and thus the ROI for your business. Use data throughout the campaign to adjust or update to drive results.