Bambwa Group and Sociability … they have created a concept that can provide African countries with the basis for economic development and poverty reduction – on an unprecedented scale

Imagination is one of the most powerful assets in human development and survival.

I do not think it is too much to say that imagination has also been one of the most important assets in the development of the entire Western world into the modern society we know today.

But why has it not worked for large areas and continents like Africa?

Well, – reality becomes a bit uncomfortable when you look at the continent of Africa.

To be the only person or the only society that has access to money, knowledge, weapons, food and a health system, – … a system that is also able to provide for the safety and security of the people. Such an individual or country, one might well expect, would care about individuals or lands that have not yet had the opportunity to make use of one’s personal talents or make use of one’s country’s resources. … Unfortunately, the historical situation is rather different when it comes to the continent of Africa: some people and countries see their opportunity to exploit you and your country’s weak position – in a very profitable way – only in their own interest.

Unfortunately, the history of the African continent is such an example of exploitation by Western countries, but unfortunately also aided by local tribal leaders – even up to political leaders of an entire country.

The reality and also the facts may be unpleasant, – but modern internet based technology has given our world access to knowledge, education, money and logistical opportunities, international business development and access to international resources on a local level, – in many respects to an extent that no one would have thought possible 10-15 years ago.

It is more common to think of a virtual reality today, but what about thinking of “virtual countries” with as much power as China and the US combined?

Let’s just try to use our imagination together. If we have Facebook, Google, Amazon, YouTube, Walt’s Disney Entertainment and a single American international bank taking care of all the American companies just mentioned … wouldn’t this combination in many ways give rise to the title of “a virtual country of a billion people” with a huge impact on the world and its people – worldwide.

This is what impact investing looks like – less than 15 years after several of the above US companies were started.

But – is it possible to make the kind of an “investment” that initiates education, provides access to health services, increased personal security, economic development and poverty reduction? All on a sustainably improving basis – as if it were a DNA that copied its basic needs for survival and development into all its subsequent offspring.

… the countries of Africa, are, in the next 15-20 years, the countries where it is possible to make investments that can have an impact – on so many aspects of life – for the better of so many people. While saying the above, it is also worth remembering that giving the people of Africa more income and education opens up a whole new market for exports to the rest of the world.

Some Western governments, some African governments, some international companies and some international development-minded people have had the imagination to see the potential for progress in several African countries – right now – and in the next 15-20 years.

Bambwa Group AB (Bambwa) is a venture capital company that invests in African and Nordic growth companies, seeking to expand their operations across Africa and globally.

Their mission is to improve people’s quality of life by investing in companies with high returns and growth potential.

Improving the quality of life is their mission and they seek to work with change-makers and positive thinkers who strive to repaint the future.

The Bambwa Group collaborates with government officials at the highest levels – and even Kings – when necessary to succeed in their projects and mission.

The Bambwa Group is no ordinary venture capital firm – with one main focus: to optimise investment in the shortest possible time. It is as much a responsible international development company as one usually finds in the UN organisation.

Sociability is a company that helps organisations transform their policies and strategies into business models that can respond to the future and a changing world.

For more than 10 years, they have been developing healthy value chains, nurturing public-private partnerships and future-proofing companies in an increasingly complex world of sustainability standards and expectations.

They have worked with a range of companies and organisations from both the public and private sectors, such as UNDP, Danida, Asian Development Bank, Grundfos, Nordzucker and Coop. They have enabled them to contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and comply with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

Their experience, combined with their business connections and network of experts around the world, enables them to turn the SDGs into value-adding opportunities – for the people who benefit from their activities.

Sociability and Bambwa Group are therefore an obvious match when they combine their experience and strengths as individual companies working together on impact investment projects in Africa.

Bambwa Group is led by Michael Mathiesen & Sociabilty is led by Elizabeth Boye.

In creating an idea to build commercial malls in semi-rural areas of Africa with a transaction-driven approach, Michael got to know Elizabeth’s strengths and experience. Fortunately, Elizabeth had been looking for the opportunity to apply responsible business and professionalism in public-private partnerships to develop Africa beyond the cities through a change-driving approach, bringing together partnerships, education and infrastructure.

With Michael’s experience in business development, finance and large-scale operations, as well as extensive work experience with the African context and seeing the opportunities in growth in non-urban Africa, and Elizabeth’s experience in multi-stakeholder management and establishing economic incentive-based collaborative processes between the public and private sectors – as well as a passion for development in Africa – this has made them the ideal match for the creation of the concept and now the company – Global River Center.

Together, this constellation brings a high level of experience and professionalism to the African context and establishes a social economy company to reduce urbanization and increase democratization and initiate inclusive economic growth in non-urban Africa.

What is a Global River Center – and why are kings and government officials so keen to get them to make local Global River Centers?

CEO Elizabeth Boye of Global River Center Inc. has just signed a letter of intent with Paramount Chief of Bompata in Ghana – giving Global River Center Inc. the right to more than 26,000 square feet of land. The land, on which the first Global River Center in Africa will be built, … and 200 more Global River Centers are already planned for the continent of Africa.

Giving people access to education, finance, educational development, national and international trade – as well as access to health services … as mentioned above are some of the key initial elements or said as – DNA for sustainable improvement of the well-being of a country and its people. This is what a Global River Center does at the local level as well as at the international level.

Government officials and kings, – … they can easily see the value of a Global River Center.

Elizabeth Boye is known for initiating responsible business and cross-sector partnerships for growth professionals. She has more than 26 years of experience working in various countries in Southern, Western and Eastern Africa and Southeast Asia for an impressive range of governments, international corporations and development institutions.

Bambwa Group’s CEO – Michael Mathiesen – has more than 30 years of international business experience with a focus on information technology, telecommunications and e-commerce. He has been practically involved in more than 325 international investments in Europe, USA, Canada, Russia, UAE, Taiwan, China and West Africa. And 2 of them have become Unicorns.

Elizabeth Boye and Michael Mathiesen are now working together to promote and develop more than 200 Global River Centers in Africa.

I had an interview with The Global River Centers – CEO Elizabeth Boye – just after she signed the Letter of Intent with the Paramount Chief of Bompata in Ghana. An interview that gives you a deep understanding of why Elizabeth Boye has the ability, to open doors that many people don’t think of – as existing or dare to use.

Enjoy the interview with Global River Centers – CEO Elizabeth Boye – where she talks about the Global River Center and why they will succeed as planned, – while talking about her own personal life and the experiences that paved the way to imagine – … that a Global River Center is what is needed to ensure sustainable development – from multiple development perspectives.

As an interviewer, without being too biased, I discovered when talking to and interviewing Elizabeth Boye that she had a well-trained intellect, combined with experience, integrity and passion for people’s well-being, and that has never been a bad start – if you want people’s interest and support for your projects.

Yours sincerely,

Marcus Vigilius Brendstrup

CEO for

NB. If you want to connect with the company – Global River Center – then use this link – to the Global River Centers main webside